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by Emergency Exit

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released 23 April 2013



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Emergency Exit Boston, Massachusetts

Emergency Exit is a punk rock band hailing from Scituate, MA. Since their inception in 2003, they have remained an ode to an enduring punk rock scene that refuses to fade away. Exit will always be a band that screams “Fuck it, we'll do it our way!” with a beer or ten along the way.
Brendan: vocals/guitars
Ben: drums/vocals
Sammy J: lead guitar
Ferris: Bass
and we're never without:
Zak: bass
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Track Name: License to Pill
From the time he was nearly ten years old,
They told him his mind was out of control.
Demented, crazed, brainsick and daft,
There wasn’t a word too offensive or brash.
That they wouldn’t use to explain his brain.
So they found him a fix, but didn’t notice the stain.
Now he’s stuck on these bastardized meds,
Never learned to live the way we were meant.

They told him again and again and again,
That you’re losing your mind; you should stick to your meds,
And all the anger and the pain will disappear.
But the mind-numbing drugs of the pharmaceutical mob,
Put a mask on his mind, and a block on his thoughts,
And every beat from his heart became a chore.
A sedation so deep from the midbrain to pons,
stuck paralyzed between the dream and the morn’
til the pills got lodged in the bend of the bathroom sink.
Then there it was, a moment of clarity,
The clouds passed over, left a moment of sanity,
it left an empty void to be filled, a darkness so it deep that it was forged to kill.

He’s come so far, and it took so long.
But then he threw it out the door.
There’s not a lot of room to fall
When you‘re already on the floor.

Well now he’s coming down fast and he’s out of control.
He’s losing himself he’s got nowhere to go.
With nowhere to turn and bridges to burn,
he’s out in the rain when this ship overturns.
And he’s taking a seat at the old townie bar
And drowning his thoughts of the old yellow jar.
When you can’t feel better from what they prescribe
Its time to man up or roll over and die.

He’s broke free of his emotions he’s broke free
And all the anger and the pain has disappeared.
He’s got nothing left to live for but he doesn’t really care,
He’s been empty all these years.
He is breakin out from the way that he’s been living
And he’s only been thinkin bout today.
There’s so much more that’s left to see and left to do,
Now he’s never looking back on yesterday.
Track Name: Scotch 'n Rock(s)
I passed out on the couch again last night when no one was around
and somehow woke up somewhere else she said.
I think I’m gonna throw some down tonight and get out of this town.
I tend to not agree with what she says.
Take for granted, all the moments and the memories that you have made along the way
you’re gonna lose them all someday so.

Take that bottle of whisky, pass it right on down to me
I’ll show you what your missing out on.
Take the time to make amends, cause your losing all your friends
Burning bridges to the ground.

One more night of drinkin on your porch to realize all my dreams,
One more night that I won’t call and you can call this history.

Freedom’s one more drink away.
One more drink and I can put you in your place.
Can we make it one more night?
If we don’t stop drinking we’re all gonna die.

I passed out on the couch again last night when no one was around.
This is starting to feel familiar now I said.
Must have thrown a couple down last night, never made it out of town.
I intend to not agree with what she said.
Take for granted, all the moments and the memories I should have made along the way.
I won’t remember anyway so,

As time moves on, and things they’ll change,
I hope you waste away again.
Track Name: All I Got
He comes home wasted every night.
Calls her up, late at night.
“Hey, how are you? Nice to see you, it’s been so long.”
And all she says, is she’s been fine.

All I got, I'm freezing, staring at the ceiling.
And all you want, I’m left alone and I’m thinking of you.
And every time I see you I think of leaving.
And I don’t mind you’re thinking the same thing about me too.

So one night he went of drinking,
To celebrate the Fourth of July.
And all she says, what was he thinking?
When everything turns out a lie, and she says:

"All he’s got, he’s throwing away for no reason."
And all you want, he’s getting away with it he’s blaming you.
So every time you see him you think of leaving.
"And I don’t mind you’re thinking the same thing about me too."

Down and out, down in the count, driving away with his fist held high.
Track Name: My Favorite Drinkin Buddy
I see you every morning standing on the corner as I drive away.
The smell of oak barrels and regrets wash across my old tired face.
And I know I’ll see you again soon in about 12 hours for the nights end.
Cuz you’re the best type of enemy. Your loss of control, you’re my best friend.

And we’ve got the world strung up by the balls.
And I don’t care if you stumble or you fall.
Cuz I’ve lot got convictions and you’ve got no class,
And all that you’re good for is a kick my ass.
I said man, take it easy on me.

And I wake up Sunday morning with your best intentions pounding through my head.
12, 16, or 22oz: it never mattered not when you were there.
These empty glasses represent a lack of caution, a need for fun.
Cuz I know you never thought you owed an explanation to anyone.

And we’ve got the world strung up by the balls .
And I don’t care if you stumble or you fall.
Cuz your one book of matches, I’m one powder keg.
When I take you out drinking you take out my legs.
I said man, take it easy on me
Track Name: Got Two Feet
I got the best friend line again.
You know it’s starting to piss me off.
I got a thousand friends but not a single one
Who wants to touch my cock.

You want me to turn around and fix the bridges that we never made and,
Weren’t you the one who said “not a fucking chance”.
And remember those days, o wait, they were in my head.
I never did anything that you ever said.

I got two feet and mismatched shoes,
But that’s all I need to get away from you.
I jumped the bridge all too soon.
Now run away and don’t look back,
You’ll disappear as I fade to black,
No I’ll never understand why I can’t have you.

Now all I see is black and blue.
The fucking hate that I have for you.
You just walked right all over me.
And cut the lies cause in the end,
I don’t think we can be just friends.
I’m getting so sick of that line too.

When you’re living for the future,
And you’re living in the past.
You’re not living for the moment,
So I guess I have to ask:
Why are you fighting for your freedoms,
If you don’t enjoy your rights?
You’re left searching for the reasons.
In this dark and starry night,
We’ll sing on, and on, and on…
Track Name: Floors of Hell
We are going somewhere, loss of control without a care.
Can I tell you a secret? I might not see you for another 2 years.
We have let ourselves down, lost ambition, then turned northbound.
We have only 2 more floors of hell to climb out of before we get there.

Cause you’re so smart, you hypocrite.
Ya tried so hard, now never give a shit.
I am spinning out in all directions,
as my heart floats away in the sea.
You had it hard, I must admit,
I never had to deal with it.
Now I’m handing out misdirection,
As my heart floats away to the sea.

We are dug in deeply, guns are blazing, eyes are weakened.
We have only so much time before the bombs fall out of the air.
Our ship's sinking slowly, signal flares are barely glowing.
Were so hopeless and helpless and no one is sober and nobody cares.
Track Name: Apartment Song
I can taste the anger boiling over like my pasta.
In this shitty kitchen, in this shitty apartment,
Where the pipes don’t work and the heat got shut off.
Maybe I’ll move out, I won’t be coming back.
You’ll sit at the door wasting away,
It’s what I dream about everyday.

I get home late from my shitty job,
self-medicate and turn the T.V. on.
The tiles are coming off the bathroom floor,
where you’re screaming and lying there’s no love anymore.

Well no one’s asking you to stay,
So pick your shit and move away.
This rent’s too big, this apartment’s too small.
And no one’s laughing after all.

We’re two weeks late for paying the bills.
And your two weeks late for something else.
A shotgun wedding and a sixpack of beer,
The priest says we’ll be happy for the rest of our years.

And next time I’ll move out,
And make good on broken promises.
I’m fine alone in this broken home.
That’s what I say, but I know that it’s a lie.
Track Name: Passin Time
I waited for your call today,
so excited just to see your face.
Happier than I’ve been in a while,
And so keyed up, just to see you smile.
It started with a drink or two,
And a couple things that I said to you.
Things I never should have said,
But sometimes I get tongue-tied.

I saw you in that low-cut dress,
And told you how well you wore it.
It was a little cold for a summer day,
But I loved that you still tried.
I may have been a little forward,
hell my honesty was already there.
I didn’t think that you’d run away,
But I knew I had to try.

You said that you weren’t passing this up,
just having trouble passing time.

I can’t say that I blame you,
But I’m sure as hell gonna be missin you.
It was the realist thing I’d felt in a while.
I can’t say that I’m blamin you,
But I’m sure as hell gonna miss your tune.
It was the realist thing I’d heard in a while.
Here’s to hope that letting you go won’t haunt me til I die.

What comfort did those lips bring?
Cuz time ain’t telling me a god damned thing.
How painful will this silence, be?
Well guess we’ll see in a while.
What comfort did those lips bring?
Cuz time ain’t telling me a god damned thing.
How painful will this silence, be?
Well guess we’ll see tomorrow.

I'm losing faith.
Track Name: I May Be Outta Line, But Baby You're Goin Outta Style
Don’t let it ring,
For once you said you’d pick up the phone.
And I swore wouldn’t maunder,
And that I wouldn’t have a drink.
Cuz I actually have something to tell you.
I never thought I’d see the day,
Didn’t think that I was built this way.
Bout time I see it, because I know I’ve been living it.

I Always thought I was one of the good guys,
Now this revelation’s tearing the sky.
I used to see the sun.
But now it looks blotted it out.
And the stars are bleeding,
Like this heart keeps beating, and I’m fuckin up everything.

I never said that I could be perfect.
Cuz I’m only human I think I can live with that.
And I’m moments from being sincere,
I know I fucked up but is it really my fault?
Cause tonight I’m sorry to say my dear,
I remember how this used to be.
And I’m drowning in our history.
I know I threw it away but somehow I’m ok with this.
I took us off the rails.
The brakes are dead, it’s the end of the line

And Your tone hits me like a freight train,
Your smile ruptures like cellophane.
No mushroom cloud comes with this bomb.
Just leave me be let me fall to misery,
It’s so much easier to walk away.

Because we only get one chance,
To sing the songs that we wanna dance.
I made you miss it but can you really blame me?
I told you that this wasn’t me.
That I never meant it, and you knew I faked it,
What a wasted time, such a wasted life.

And I’m moments from being sincere,
I know I fucked up, but is it really my fault?
cause tonight, I’m sorry to say my dear,
I remember how this used to be.
I’m no longer sorry,
I’ll remember what you said that night,
like a brick in the morning light.
It never felt so red.
Do you remember being happy?
Or even friendly?
It’s the end of the line,
and it’s about fucking time.
Track Name: Ska Song Reprise
He's broke free of his emotions, he's broke free
and all the anger and the pain has disappeared.
He's got nothing left to live for but he doesn't really care,
He's been empty all these years,

But now he's movin on he's given up
he's getting out.
And I was three sheets to the wind
and drunk, when I found out.
Track Name: Ayn Rand Versus 7 Billion Army Ants
The cities are burning but the children are fine.
The loss of compassion is blowing my mind.
They say that this darkness and storm have just showed up,
But these corrupt fucks just make me want to throw up.
I’ll give you an answer, I’ll throw you a line.
I don’t think about what I do all the time.
I’m losing all faith as they’re lost in decent.
It makes me think twice about being a man.

So I don’t have the answers, I don’t have the cure.
And that being said you still hang on my words.
I’m killing off comedy, killing off sense,
With a drive and a passion that’s so relentless.
Well I don’t have the answers, I don’t have the cure.
And you’re such a fool for following my words.
I’m taking you down faster than you would think,
With anger and rage that would drive you to drink.

Looks like we forgot how to learn again.
For reasons I can’t even try to defend.
We’ll watch it burn as they repeat the fall.
Front seats to the end of it all.

A sad little king on a sad little hill.
A representation of loss of good will.
This whole thing is falling apart at the seams,
and we have nightmares instead of dreams.

Looks like we’ve forgot how to learn again.
But none of this matters now in the end.
We came so far but got nowhere at all,
And now we’ll never know.

A slave to a queen with an iron fist rule.
The crippled odd thoughts of a dying old fool.
We came so far but got nowhere at all,
This is where we fall.
Track Name: When We Fall: An Anthem for the End of It All
On the night we arrived in this town we put up with this bullshit.
We have nothing to show for but we had a fucking good time.
And even though we have nothing to show for any of this shit,
We will know that we were fucked up and that we are still alive.

Because when we fall, we will know that we had more than anyone else ever had.
When we fall we will have til the end of the world or until morning comes.

On the night we arrived we were greeted with drinks and tequila.
And even though that the girls didn’t want to show up we don’t care.
We will drink ‘til our faces are foggy and we don’t know who’s who.
And we’ll drive until we wake up then we will know that we’re there.

Because when we fall, we will know that we had so much more left to live for,
And when we fall, we’ll give our all, that we have to give.

And when we come home, we’ll come crying again.
Cuz when we come home, we will want more to begin again.
Cuz when we come home, we will have it all next time.
And when we get home, we will go out with a bang, amen.

Cuz when we get home, we will end up going out that night.
And we’ll make sure that we don’t come home again til it is gone.
And when the sun sets we will go out swinging left hooks.
And when we wake up we wish that we never had gone.
Cuz we have so much more than everyone else does.
Because we drink so much more than anybody can.
Cuz we’re not gonna let anyone else down.
We’re doing the fuckin, the best that, that we fuckin can.
Track Name: Episode 13: Shootin from the Hip OR! Shot in the Crotch
What the hell have you been doin, I haven’t seen you in a year.
We were never really that close, I can say my conscience clear.
Never gave a shit about you, what’s been killing you my dear.

I’ve been sitting here for so long, seconds since you’ve left the room.
I’ve been sitting writing lyrics, things I’d never say to you.
It’s like you’re trapped out on an island, what the fucks been killin you?

I’ve been losing all my patience, I’ve been losing all my friends.
I’ve been losing all my confidence, self-hatred this still stands.
Determination’s barely there, a sympathy is gone.

I know that if I see you again, the timing won’t be right.
I know you all your little secrets; I know it’s not worth the fight.
Your arrogance is clearly there I can see it in your smile.

And this bottle of Bowmore turns out to be,
A much better friend than you ever will need.
Its intentions are clear, and its flavor is strong.
If I finish this I won’t see you tomorrow.
Track Name: This Town Ain't What It Used to Be, But It Still Has a Bar
I walk these streets at night and I have burning questions.
The windmills in the distance wave to me as friends move on.
I count the cars cause sparks still fly and wonder where they’ll send us.
I ponder past mistakes and lucky breaks but they’re all gone.

The walls come closing in.
the future isn’t bright in dark winters of New England.

And now I have this place in town I can call my own.
I haven’t seen you in three years or maybe four.
The success of our mutual friends drives me goddam insane.
So I’ll wish you the best of luck and hope you hit the floor.

Make the same mistakes again,
a loss of dignity starts slowly setting in.

I’ve been taking this all wrong,
Never admit when I’m wrong,
I never said we’d get along.

As time moves on, and things they’ll change,
I hope you waste away again
I never meant to leave you behind, but then you fell by the wayside
Track Name: Pass the Bottle
I won’t let this get me down tonight.
Just lift me up I said.
I’ve had enough of all of this.
I’ve got a couple thoughts that keep haunting me
I can’t get out of my head.
I can’t forget about all this.

So come on come on
Lets move a little faster.
So come one come on
I’m moving on to better things.

And I should take the high road.
I’d rather leave all that I build then burn it down.
But I will take the low road.
And as I walk away this place burns to the ground.

I’m not scared of losing anything,
I’m scared of fallin down.
Try to forget about all this.
So captain drop the anchor and beach this ship.
Lets break out one more round.
I couldn’t live without all this.

So come on come on
Let’s drink a little faster.
So come one come on
I won’t remember anything.

And I won’t take the high road.
But I’ll hold steady as this slams into the ground.
And I will take the low road.
Cause I know you will be there following me down.
Let’s burn this to the ground.